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Inferno Tour

Following the first part of Dan Brown’s book, named “Inferno”, we will walk on the same stones where the Harvard University Professor run to escape his chasers. A tour in which the history of Florence will be enriched by the symbols and the mysteries described in that intriguing book.

But it won’t be easy to reach the end of the tour…a few tests about our city and the Dan Brown’s book are waiting for you! We cannot tell you too much but…here you find a brief description of the tour.


    Our Florence Inferno Tour is a special and complete guided walking tour inspired by Dan Brown’s 2013 novel Inferno.


    You will feel as though you’re actually walking side by side with the novel’s characters, experiencing a striking adventure among secret passages, astonishing paintings, and lush gardens. Following the footsteps of Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks.


    The Hall of Geographical Maps is a room full of charm, located on the second floor of the Palazzo Vecchio. It features fifty-three geographical maps, depicting the world as it was known in the middle of the sixteenth century.


    It is a marvellous example of Medieval religious art witha gfreat acoustic and famous relief Bronze Doors

A tour on the traces of Robert Langdon and his adventure in Florence!

It was after reading the book last year that I decided to visit the city; booking the tour was a way to make sense of locations in the book. It was a warm sunny day our group met up with our excellent tour guide Martina. She took us for a very informative and exciting walk starting at the Boboli Gardens and across the city. The secret passage to a small balcony and private room was interesting. I would recommend this trip for Dan Brown readers. - Paul K.,Sheffield, UK

We start on Ponte Vecchio where we can easily follow from outside the passage, called Vasarian Corridor, that Robert and his friend Sienna took to go from the Boboli garden to Palazzo Vecchio. Then we visit this well-preserved medieval palace to see the fresco with the Battle of Marciano where Vasari left the mysterious writing “Cerca Trova”.

One floor above we find ourselves in front of the famous Dante’s death mask…unless someone stole it the day before we go! After visiting the Room of the Maps, we go out of the palace and walk along the same streets that they took to reach the Dante’s House and the so called Dante’s Church.

In the next and last part of the tour the guide takes you first inside the Duomo and then inside the Baptistery, the oldest building of Florence, where we can admire the mosaics of the vault and the font where Robert and Sienna find the Dante’s mask before leaving for Venice. Not a normal tour, not a monologue that you only have to listen to but an interactive way to discover the history of Florence!

Please note that the guide will take you inside Palazzo Vecchio, Dante’s Church, Duomo and Baptistery. The tickets for Palazzo Vecchio (6,00 €) and the Baptistery (10,00 €) are not included in the price; the other monuments are free of charge.

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