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Florence Classic Tour

If you are visiting Florence for the first time this is your tour because it covers the most important squares and monuments of the city.


    It is the main square of the city with a tall medieval palace surrounded by unique renaissance statues. It is the home of the town hall.


    It is the oldest bridge in the city adn one of the msot charming in Europe, flanked by historic shops.


    It is the city cathedral and masterpiece of Italian art. Its dome completed in 1406 is a milestone of the renaissance.


    It is a marvellous example of Medieval religious art witha gfreat acoustic and famous relief Bronze Doors

Half-day tour that inludes the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria & Ponte Vecchio

We had the good fortune to have a tour guide who was knowledgeable and passionate about Florence. Martina was everything we expected and more. Fully of energy and to the point, Martina gave us an appreciation for Florence that the history books could not. This tour company should be first on your list when planning a trip to Florence! - Rick S., New Jersey

We’ll stroll along the heart of Florence, visiting the square of the Duomo with its Belltower and the Baptistery, we’ll head to Piazza della Repubblica, the oldest part of the city then transformed in an elegant square, and then to Ponte Vecchio to see its renowned jewellers’ shops.

We’ll proceed to Piazza della Signoria that holds an open-air gallery of Renaissance statues and piazza Santa Croce to admire the Franciscan church of Santa Croce where many famous Italians are buried.

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    We are a team of local Italian tour guides that love their land and what they do. Our guided tours of Florence and the surrounding area are targeted for people that look for an intimate and memorable experience without standing in lines, feeling a tourist or wasting time. Choose your tour from the menu or contact us for a customized one.

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